‘ Hello! I need a hat but…

          ‘Hello!  I need a hat but…
          …I hate wearing them’
          …I never wear one’
          …They don’t suit me’

…I’ve got to wear one’

These are often the first things about hat wearing that my clients tell me and I understand. If your only experience is of trying to find something ‘that’ll do’ in a chain or department store, the experience can sometimes not be a happy one.

All commercial, mass produced hats are made to fit a standard head size of 22.5 inches or 57cms. If your head doesn’t measure that, it won’t fit your head and you’re at a disadvantage.

The hat will wobble, it won’t sit right, you’ll have to carry your head at an awkward angle to keep it in place. Of course you won’t be happy even if you like the style.
Once, in a very reputable store, I saw a tall, slender, elegant woman trying on a very extravagant hat. Nothing wrong with it….except it was too large. 003She was, in fact, a hat on legs…not a confident woman expressing her personality and style.

There are some simple rules:
The brim should never be wider than your shoulders.
Wear asymmetric hats on the right.
Try on a variety of styles. Which one makes you smile? (Not shriek with laughter!) That’s the one!

This is where the milliner and the bespoke hat comes in.

You won’t hate a hat you’ve designed in collaboration with the milliner. You won’t hate a hat that focuses on what you like. You will enjoy wearing a hat that fits…
…and suits your personality…
…and goes with the style of your outfit…
…and makes you feel happy and confident!

So, don’t hate hats; remember you’re an individual not a general purpose customer.