Adapt-a-Hat; a new concept for ladies who love hats

“Moon Flower” – A large Regal Blue sinamay hat trimmed with hand-curled sinamay leaves, ostrich and vintage feathers, and pearls.

Special hats for  special occasions are  often  quite expensive!  Sometimes, if you think you’re only going to wear it once, the cost can make you feel grumpy!  Though you want a hat to finish off your outfit, finding one you like at a price you can afford can be difficult.



Now, I introduce – Adapt-a-Hat!

This is how it works.  You choose a basic hat shape  you like and that  fits you well.  You will have a choice of various shapes and colours – black, white, cream, nude and navy – which will  go with any outfit you wear.  The basic hat, like the examples shown here, is complete with a toning hat band and brim binding.


Then the fun begins!  In consultation, you choose the colour and style of trimming. You want flamboyant?  Choose vibrant colours and extravagant detail.

A black and white, large brimmed parasisal hat with sculptured crown. It is trimmed with a striped black and white silk bow, black roses and a curved quill.



Or do you prefer cool and elegant?  Again, no problem!






A large brimmed hat with a rounded crown is made from nude pink sinamay. It is trimmed with an oyster pink silk band, and hand rolled rose with sinamay leaves and pale pink feathers.

From an  extensive range of trimmings, my  creativity and craft, the perfect hat will emerge.  Unique, designed just  for you,  supremely wearable……and, next time, off comes the trimming, a new one is designed and off you go ready to enjoy another social occasion

This, hat loving ladies, is the way you will never wear the ‘same’ outfit twice!

“Anenome” – Ascot style hat in pink and black sinamay with quills, black lace ribbon and hand-crafted leaves.