Windflower’ – a hat in the making.

March.  Spring awakening with wild flowers providing inspiration for some new hats.  Social events in the planning…beautiful hats will be needed very soon.


Hats for weddings, hats for Ascot, hats for Henley, christenings, parties and special occasions.

When I was little, every spring, we used to go and stay with my aunt in Devon.  The highlight of our holiday  was a visit to a wood where the ground was filled with bluebells and wood anemones …also called Windflowers!  I remember the perfume from this amazing carpet of flowers blowing on the breeze.

‘Windflower’ is a sophisticated versio of these happy memories. 

To begin at the beginning.  First, the block.  I love this shape!  Perching sideways,  it makes an elegant line from the top of the head, past the  cheekbone to end at ear level.    As it measures 9″ x 10″/23cms x 26cms, it obeys the millinery rules for Ascot without being clumsy or difficult to wear.

Then the colours.  ‘Windflower’ is made in black sinamay as a sample but you, the client,  can choose this shape to be made in whatever colour best suits your outfit ….though black is very useful.



And the trimming!   Using two white roses surrounded by  gently waving

ostrich feathers, I have recreated a sense of those flower heads blowing lightly in the wind. (Securely fixed to a silk covered hairband, there’s no risk of this hat blowing away on the day!)



If you like this design but would prefer to have your own ideas or memories used in the design of your perfect hat, come and discuss possibilities over coffee and cake!