Ladies Who Latte Love Hats!

Ladies Who Latte do indeed love hats!  And they form a very useful, informal focus group at the monthly meetings by  trying on the new hat samples and giving their opinions of each design and  making suggestions.

Ladies Who Latte is a group of independent business women who meet at The Holiday Inn in Winchester to talk about their business, share ideas and support each other.  Everyone has something to contribute  – be it financial or travel advice, health and fitness regimes, fashion and beauty.

Because we all know and understand the challenges we face creating successful enterprises, we can share our experiences and help with solutions.

In my case, these energetic and interesting women enthusiastically try on the new hats, tell me what they like and what adaptations might be good for the sort of events they attend.

I always take a small range of new hats so they can try them on …sometimes they are  surprised that the  one that they think won’t suit them, actually does!  Preconceptions and bad experiences from commercial, one size fits all shopping has often put them off hats altogether!

For the most recent meeting, I wore a navy percher trimmed with deep pink  Peonies and white and navy feathers. as I have an extremely small head, I fixed it to a broad navy  hairband but different fixing suit different people.




They loved the Adapt-A-Hat scheme where clients buy an untrimmed hat and then, depending on their outfit or the occasion, have it trimmed to suit their personal style and, more importantly, their personality.  Already, three of the Ladies are discussing their needs and delight in the

practicality of being able to change the trimming for each event they have planned.

(For further information, please see the previous blog and the page ‘Adapt-an-Ascot-Hat.)

I mentioned the importance of wearing a hat that suits your personality….it really does matter.  some  of the Ladies love the idea of something dramatic and flamboyant, ideal for Ascot, Goodwood, and other

A black and white, large brimmed parasisal hat with sculptured crown. It is trimmed with a striped black and white silk bow, black roses and a curved quill.

race meetings.  Others prefer elegant and classy…that’s what makes bespoke millinery so exciting…designing for the individual.



If you’re interested in joining Ladies Who Latte, we meet the first Tuesday of each month at The Holiday inn, Winchester from 10am to midday.  cost £3 for unlimited tea or coffee!  Or Latte!