Adapt-an-Ascot-Hat – a new concept for hat wearing ladies.

Time  to be thinking about your outfit for Ascot and the all-important HAT!       

It make an outfit, finishes of the ‘look’, defines your style and needs to be chosen with care. Book a consultation with me  early so there’s plenty of time to discuss, design and craft your perfect hat, taking advantage of my new Adapt-an-Ascot-Hat concept.

Most of us enjoy a touch of luxury, the occasional extravagance. Sometimes the idea of buying an expensive new hat EVERY time seems ridiculous.  but wearing the same hat….?

Adapt-an-Ascot-Hat is a cunningly simple plan.  Choose from a range of plain hats – like the examples shown here – in either black, white, cream,  nude or navy. These are colours that will go with any outfit.  The Adapt-an Ascot- Hat comes with a matching hatband and brim binding.  Then, the fun begins!

This year, you may want to be bold and bright!  No problem!  I design something flamboyant, stand-

A black and white, large brimmed parasisal hat with sculptured crown. It is trimmed with a striped black and white silk bow, black roses and a curved quill.

out, dramatic in colours and style that complements this year’s outfit.

Or you prefer chic and elegant; understated, cool and collected.  Again, no problem.  The look you want can be created with different colours and fabric

NOW, the clever bit!  Next year, you’re off to the races again, a summer wedding, Henley… outfit definitely but what about the hat? You want a different look; different colours and style.   Still no problem!

Bring the hat back to me;  I take off last year’s trimming and, after discussion with you about the latest

A large brimmed hat with a rounded crown is made from nude pink sinamay. It is trimmed with an oyster pink silk band, and hand rolled rose with sinamay leaves and pale pink feathers.

outfit, design a completely new trim to suit you and the occasion.

The beauty of Adapt-an-Ascot-Hat is that the basic shape you originally chose and which you like, forms the basis and the trimming is refreshed every time you want a new look.  Simple, cost effective and time saving….!