Ascot Hats

Ascot Hats

Royal Ascot takes place this year from Tuesday 20th  – Saturday 24th June 2017 and you will need the perfect Ascot hat.Ascot pinch 2

Contact me  as soon as possible so you can have an Ascot hat to turn heads and make you feel glamorous.

Don’t forget that you’ll be out and about throughout the day so, as Coco Chanel said, ‘Luxury isn’t luxury unless it’s comfortable’.  Essential, then. that your hat stays put and you don’t have to worry about constantly adjusting it…or even, it blowing away!

A bespoke hat is designed for you…to complement your outfit, to respect the traditions of Royal Ascot and, most importantly, reflects your personality.

When choosing your outfit – skirt length just above the knee or longer, no off the shoulder, halter necks or spaghetti straps and definitely no bare midriffs allowed –  remember these crucial rules concerning Ascot hats.Ascot pinch 1

Royal Enclosure – Hats should be worn.  A headpiece with a solid base of four inches is acceptable.   Fascinators are not permitted.

Queen Anne Enclosure –    A hat, headpiece or fascinator must be worn at all times.

Working within these rules still allows plenty of creativity and discussing your ideas with me will result in a truly personal hat that you will enjoy wearing.

Formal and  traditional hats  are made with a variety of crown shapes and upward or downward brims.  Brims can be round, oval, symmetrical, asymmetrical, large or smaller.  I usually follow the rule that brims should never be wider than the your shoulders but there are always exceptions!

‘Butterfly Blue’, ‘Nude Ascot’, ‘Black and White Ascot’,  ‘Moon Flower’ ‘Windflower’ are examples of the more traditional designs.

With a  commercial hat, even from a specialised stockist,  there is always the possibility of coming across your ‘double’.  With a bespoke design that can’t happen.  Every hat that I design for each individual client will be unique.

For the more adventurous client, I can design an Ascot hat that is  very different.  Taking a motif or a theme that appeals to the client and is in accord with the outfit,  I will design an abstract interpretation of that idea,  hand crafting a unique hat that will certainly grab attention.

‘Whoosh’ and ‘Twisted Roses’ are examples of this approach.

For your information, below is  a selection of the wooden blocks used to create the hats.  Pick and mix or come with your ideas for your own, very special design.

BRIMS – these are shown in order of size (largest to smallest) and upward or downward angle.  A brim can be made even wider by stretching the fabric over the block and extending it outwards on a board.  It is the basis for most of my largest bespoke  hats as it is so adaptable.

Many clients prefer a large brimmed Ascot hat …..



An example of a v005ery large Ascot hat with an upward brim and button crown.





0032015-06-24 16.58.14004

A vintage block with a downward brim was used here to create ‘Cecile’.


A ‘Flying Saucer’ brim block was used to create ‘Trocadero’.

CROWNS – the choice of crown depends on whether you would like your head to ‘sit’ inside or perch on the side. the blocks are shown from largest to smallest.

Crowns made on these blocks are cut down to fit the wearer’s head.


Round dome                       Sculpted                           Asymmetrical                    Pillbox


Small dome percher              Smartie percher                Button percher

The variations are endless and allow you to choose a combination that will make YOUR Ascot hat a reflection of your personality.


Contact me soon to discuss the creation of  your unique and beautiful bespoke hat.